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Children - School Council


Welcome to the School Council page

The School Council is composed of 2 representatives from each class (Year 1 to Year 6). Mrs C Johnson, our Learning Mentor, attends the weekly meetings.

The children have an opportunity to be a School Council member three times per year. Elections are held at the beginning of each term. The candidates in Key Stage Two make a speech to their peers. Each peer then votes for the candidate who they believe will be an ideal representative for their class. At the first official meeting a Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary are elected. 

The School Council meets at least once a week, and considers many aspects of school life.  In the last 12 months they have been involved in deciding on spending priorities to improve wet playtimes and organised fund raising events such as The Smartie Challenge.  


The School Council have organised a unique fund raising event for everyone to take part in.

Some of the Three Lane Ends Academy staff will be nominated by the children to be put in to a stocks on: Wednesday 19 July 2017. Children can pay £1.00 for 3 sponges to throw at their chosen victim! Who will you choose??

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The children have organised a campaign called Cash for Coins. They are collecting old and foreign coins which will be exchanged for cash for the school. If you have any coins you would like to donate please see the School Office.

All coins have now been sent to Cash for Coins. We will update you with the amount we have raised as soon as possible. The children have enjoyed looking at the different coins. Thank you for your support with this.


Tuesday 28 March

The children enjoyed taking part in the school council Easter Egg Hunt. We managed to raise a massive £100.20 for the School Council. Well done to everyone who found an egg. All children who took part were entered in to a raffle to win a large egg. Well done to the 4 winners.




As part of the Harvest Festival topic, the school council have arranged a food collection through school to donate to the local food bank The Link.


The School Council made some Christmas baubles to sell at the Christmas Concerts. They raised £42.00 for the School Council Fund. Well done! 

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